We offer a full content marketing services

Facebook Marketing

Full-Service Facebook Marketing, from strategy to moderation, we deliver service that improves interaction, attract deals and remarkable feedbacks, and of course increase sales.

Instagram Marketing

We help people in certain businesses like Fashion, Retail, Travel, Food & Beverage to build communities around them through our engaging posts and stories on Instagram.

Twitter Marketing

Integrating more than 2 strategies to build highly recognizable Twitter accounts that help businesses achieve desired goals in a shorter time than planned.

Social Media Marketing

Multi-channel marketing with different strategies and well-planned visuals & content that help in growing new customers, maintaining existing ones and even turning them into loyal customers.

Content Marketing

Our content is strategically planned based on the business needs and your customer types to approach them through different methods like Social Media, Website, Blogs, Videos…etc.

Conversion Marketing

Improving the number of paying customers for your e-commerce, online, or offline store. Through our conversion rate optimization, landing pages, ads and content.

B2B Marketing

We offer the sales lead generation service through a wide range of activities and channels like Content Marketing, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SlideShare and more.

Design & Branding

We provide full design services that include: Branding, Print, Digital, Indoor & Outdoor, Store layouts…etc. you might need to check our portfolio for samples.

Website Building

Building complete SEO-ed websites with online stores in them -if needed- to help reach the maximum desired outcome from your customers online experience.
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Creative Designs
Lead Generation
Satisfied Clients


What do our clients say about us?

They helped us a lot to grow our business and built up a good structure for our brand, They are a qualified team, thanks a lot.

Tahany Ahmed

Import Manager, Munchkin Egypt

The Mixers is one stop shop if you want to start, grow, or market a business. They have helped me find my identity, then which medium I should communicate my message through, then how to grow my business and reach more audience.

Ali Zakria

Author & Life Coach

فريق عمل كله ابتكار أفكار غير تقليدية، ومتعاون جدا وحريص على التطوير المستمر ولا يبخل بأي علم أو جهد،، تحياتي ليكم ومزيد من النجاح والتوفيق.

Nada Naser

Manager, Aliyyen Foundation

Amazing quality of content and lead generation with the best service and a helpful team.

Muhammad Rehab

GM at Massaken Properties

It's the era of content marketing!

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less, it's time to start yours now.


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